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OUR Students Display The Results They Achieved

Talk is cheap. Go search the internet and you'll find no shortage of so-called educators making claims about their products. The only reliable benchmark of an educator's skill is the results obtained by his students. If this logic seems rational to you, then see some of our students' videos below that showcase the results they were able to quickly achieve. It doesn't matter if you're entry level or advanced. If your interest is jazz guitar, Conti will get you where you want to be.
Lucas Costner
Jesse Johnson
Kathy Durante
Adam Hinchliffe
Adam Hinchliffe
Bill Meacham
Hans-Otto Brodersen
Uwe Pfennings
Brian "Lace" Walker
Dave Ruggiero
Dave Ruggiero

Commentaries From Our Students

“I’ve been playing guitar for many years, interested in many different styles. I started studying Jazz in the 70’s and briefly in the years to come. In 2009 I realized Jazz was my passion again and started improvising with backing tracks and with the knowledge of many scales, modes, and some theory but I couldn’t play Jazz the way I wanted to. Bluesette has been one of my favorite jazz tunes, so I searched the internet for help and came across your Bluesette DVD. I ordered it immediately and since then other learning products. I wanted to let you know that for what I already knew, and your learning products, I’m very close to playing jazz the way I want to. So Mr. Conti you’re a great player and I love the way you burn! Your products are working very well for me! Thank You very much!”

Louis Depetris Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

“Mr. Conti…I received your Improv 1 & 2 and I believe they are, for learning to improvise jazz guitar, the best I’ve ever seen. I sure wish I had learned this stuff years ago, as I would have been a far better guitarist. Well, it’s fine. I will dive into study now, and wish to thank you for putting me light years ahead. I expect to order more in the future, and to try to master jazz guitar improvisation. Thanks again!”

Richard Plummer Santa Ana, California

Don’t Waste Anymore Years

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